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Refer Mentors and Mentees

If there is a transgender, non-binary, or gender diverse person in your life who may find a mentorship pairing beneficial, please tell them about the Trans Peer Mentor Program.

Because my son’s transition is not known by any of his friends and most of his school environment, having a mentor for him has been very helpful for our entire family. By starting this program, our child got an immediate person in his life he could connect with on no other level that he has had before. This was important during one of the most challenging times in his transition…before and after top surgery. I’ve seen him start his mentor conversations with a comfort and ease that he doesn’t have with any of his friends because he knows he is in a safe environment. I’ve seen improved self esteem and comfort for what awaits his future due to what his mentor has shared with him about his experiences with team sports and his own top surgery.

-Parent of mentee

Having a trans mentor was like having a older sibling that I could always count on. My mentor is one of my closest friends. I know I can ask them anything and they’re always 100% honest with me. It was reassuring to know that trans people can survive and thrive as adults in a world that is not always supportive. I’m very thankful I was paired with them. And I’m very thankful we are still in contact today. 

-Former Mentee