Resources for Transgender Adults

Online Support Groups

Schuyler Bailar’s 18+ Support Groups

Dr Kristie Overstreet’s Gender Identity Support Groups

The Tribe Wellness Community peer-to-peer support

Additional Volunteer Programs


A non-profit connecting Bay Area volunteers with LGBTQ+ related causes and opportunities

Trans Mentor Project

An e-mentoring program that pairs transgender and nonbinary youth aged 13-17 with supportive, identity-affirming mentors.
Mentors and mentees may be located anywhere.

TransMentor Program

A program pairing transgender, gender non-binary, gender expansive and gender questioning youth ages 12-20 with trans and gender expansive adults. Mentors and mentees must be located in the Chicago area.

LifeWorks Mentorship Program

A program pairing LGBTQ youth under the age of 25 with mentors.
Mentors and mentees must be located in the Los Angeles area.