Building Supportive Relationships

The Trans Peer Mentor Program provides a safe space for transgender, non-binary, and gender diverse community members to receive peer mentorship as they navigate their journeys of self-discovery and expression.

Be A Mentor

Mentors are adult volunteers who have experience negotiating life as a trans or gender diverse adult. It is this personal understanding that makes mentors particularly well suited to help others.

Be a Mentee

A person with ear-length dark brown hair wearing khaki pants and a dark green sweater grabs a textbook from a school hallway lined with red lockers.

Mentees are young people aged 10-25 who want support from someone with personal experience negotiating life as a trans or gender diverse person.

Be a Supporter

4 people stand shoulder to shoulder smiling in front of a wall with an artist depiction of an astronaut. From left to right: A tall person with short blonde hair wearing a black jacket and black pants. A shorter person with black hair styled longer on top and short on the sides wears a black button down, sleeves rolled up to show arm tattoos, and blue jeans. An average height person with chest-length dark hair tucked behind their ears, wearing a beige shirt with a black leather jacket on top and dark colored pants. An average-height person with short hair, a side fade, and glasses wears a red and black plaid shirt with a navy blue and white patterned sweater zipped on top.

Support transgender, non-binary, and gender diverse community members by referring potential mentors and mentees or donating to support our programming.

Pairing trans mentees and mentors creates intergenerational relationships that would not necessarily exist otherwise.



Hanging out with another trans person is pretty great. There’s a lot you don’t have to say. If you mention your “dysphoria hoody,” every trans person will understand what you’re talking about. It’s validating.